132kV 30MVA Subsation in Bolivia

Created on:2024-05-15 11:38


       NPC ELECTRIC , a leading force in electrical engineering and infrastructure development, has successfully commissioned a cutting-edge 132kV 30MVA substation in Bolivia. This substantial addition to Bolivia's energy infrastructure is a milestone achievement that underscores NPC Electric's dedication to enhancing the reliability and capacity of the country's power grid.

      The state-of-the-art substation, designed to handle a transformer capacity of 30 Mega Volt-Amperes (MVA), operates at a high voltage of 132kV, enabling efficient transmission and distribution of electricity over long distances with minimal power loss. This not only bolsters the grid's stability but also paves the way for more extensive integration of renewable energy resources, vital for Bolivia's sustainable energy future.

     The project's completion marks a significant step in Bolivia's ongoing efforts to modernize its electricity infrastructure and support economic growth. By reinforcing the backbone of the nation's power network, NPC Electric's substation will play a pivotal role in energizing industries, powering communities, and driving progress across the Bolivian landscape.

     In summary, NPC Electric's 132kV 30MVA substation in Bolivia represents a major advancement in power transmission capabilities, reflecting the company's technical prowess and commitment to enabling sustainable energy solutions for emerging economies. This strategic investment promises to underpin Bolivia's energy security and propel its journey towards a more resilient and green energy future.


Project Detail

  • Date :2nd,Feb,2024 
  • Location: Bolivia
  • Company: NPC ELECTRIC
  • Customers: 5
  • Categories:132kV 30MVA Subsation



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