25 kVA Single-Phase Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer

NPC ELECTRIC-Power Solutions’ single-phase pad-mounted oil-immeresed distribution transformers are powerful, dependable, and designed with the environment in mind. With the ability to function indoors and outdoors, these transformers offer enhanced reliability and protection against critical equipment failure. The lower operating costs and heat emissions of these transformers make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Product Technical Specs       


 KVA Rating                                          25 KVA
No. of Phases   Single-Phase
Tapping Range   ±2 x 2.5%
Winding Material  Copper / Aluminum
Impedance  1.0 %
Feed Type  Loop Feed
Fluid Type    Non-PCB Mineral Oil
Connection Type  Dead Front
Mounting  Pad-Mounted
No-Load Losses 82 Watts
Load-Losses  201 Watts
Sound Level   NEMA TR1 Standard
IEEE Standards  IEEE C57.12.00
Certification UL Listed
Efficiency  DOE 2016 Standard Compliant
Temperature Rise     65 oC
Enclosure  NEMA Type 3R – Stainless Steel


Primary Protection Devices                           


  Bay-O-Net Expulsion Fuse   
              MOV Surge Arrestor (on demand)   
Tank Material     Coated Steel

 Quality Control                                            

  • Transformer routine tests as per ANSI® and IEEE®
  • Tank Coating System complies with IEEE Std C57.12.28 and C57.12.29
  • Quality System is ISO 9001 certified
Warranty    12 months



Transformer Features 


           This clam-shell pad-mounted oil-immeresed transformer comes in single-phase configurations with a voltage rating of 480 V on the primary side and 240/120 V on the secondary side with dual winding. This unit’s cores are made from cold-rolled silicon steel laminations using state-of-the-art technology.

         This transformer is highly energy efficient with lower heat emissions, resulting in fewer cooling requirements. The unit also features mineral oil as an insulating fluid with a 65°C temperature rise. With its NEMA Type 3R enclosure, this clam-shell pad-mount unit can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

        This transformer is primarily used in Electric power distribution, industrial sites, electrical rooms, underground vaults, manufacturing facilities, processing plants, commercial buildings, and underground industrial power distribution.


Diagram Of Transformer






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